For reasons I can only surmise at least one person to my knowledge is down-loading the 'Sirius' images. A sense of obligation to this person requires I draw attention to a change to one of the pictures. For reasons of whimsy on my part every seventh page has had a chapter title. There was a failure to do this for the first frame of page 50. This has now been amended. The missing heading was noticed because I am collating the images into comic-book format. There is no expectation that this will get any further than my laptop screen but I was curious and it seemed like a good idea at the time. (One would think that given how much hassle 'good ideas' have caused me in the past I would have learned better. Seems not.) Laying out 'Sirius' in traditional comic format seems to confirm my prejudice that Comics look better and are more interesting to read when appearing as adjacent pages. This in contrast to how in my experience stories are presented on-line ( including here).Despite technical innovations in some on-line productions of comics - changing backgrounds, animated bits and so on - printed pages on paper still seems the best way to read the stories. Best in the sense of being more rewarding and more involving. In a comic-book however the artist cares to lay out his pages to best organise the mood and narrative, the reader still has the autonomy to look at whatever they wish and create their own reading experience - can be in the story or be an external evaluator of the works form and content. Someone should write a book on the cognitive process involved in the of reading comics. Now that's a good idea. Recent discovery - if you subscribe you get to see most of the pictures at a larger size.

Submitted by Arthur on Fri, 2014-07-11 00:03


Hullo Andy,

rather than 'conditioned' readers I'd prefer to think that artists have been trying out the best ways to tell stories in a pictorial narrative and we have inherited the results of their efforts. Readers may have to learn the language but the fact that I could follow it by age five suggests it comes fairly naturally. Either that or comic readers come from among the more intelligent members of society.
That's possible.

All the best,

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