11/10/2022  Kim Jung Gi 02/07/1975 - 10/03.2022

Born in Goyang-Si, in the province of Kyongki-Do, in South Korea, studying at the Fine Arts School, Kim majored in Art & Design.following which he served in the army for over two years before drawing comedy comics for the manwha magazine Young Jump as well as illustrating two novels written by the French author Bernard Werber.

Kim frequently collaborated with both writers and illustrators., his first being with writer Seung-Jin Park, for whom he illustrated the Manhwa webtoon Tiger the Long Tail.of which he drew 6 volumes. Kim also collaborated more than once with Belgian comics artist Jean-David Morvan in 2014 he provided the illustrations for Morvan's SpyGames comics,and in 2016 did the same for McCurry, NYCBesides these collaborations, Kim also provided illustrations for many other properties, including variant covers for Civil War and 10th-anniversary illustrations for League of Legends. In 2017, Kim published Katsuva Terada and Kim Jung Gi Illustrations Collection, a collaboration between himself and one of his own favourite artists.

Kim is especially well known for his large drawings done directly on paper, improvised without the use of sketching or other preparation. From 2014, Kim also publicly exhibited his process at special events, where he would draw over a large white canvas. In 2020, he made an attempt to hold the Guiness world record for the longest drawing by an individual.

Previously unfamiliar with Kim Jung Gi and his work, now seeing his public performances it is rather like it must be for an FBI man to meet a superhero - good enough at his job but this other person has abilities of a different order.

To watch him at work - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rynxr6twe4w

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Hullo Tim,

I guess it is down to what UK media decide to present us with, 

I came across him by chance via Google.



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