It is understandable that images on the Internet are borrowed for fun and pleasure, review or sharing. My screensaver is a drawing by a French artist. This website to a large extent relies on other peoples images but they are attributed where possible and there is no financial advantage. My own drawings have turned up on various social sites and that’s fine, flattering even. There is a difference however when using the images created by others for commercial purposes of ones own without attribution or recompense to the creator. Money being made by raises the question of copyright. Just prior to Christmas I had the following email - which I have edited to protect the guilty.

" I thought I would bring this to your attention, there is a Wxxxxx based 'artist' called Stephen xxxx who trades as Dxxxxx Art who has stolen your iconic cartoon of The Beatles from The Let it Be section and has been signing these & selling them on as his own artwork. I enclose proof of this from his Facebook page. Yours faithfully A Fan "

Not on Facebook myself I asked a close relative to look into it on my behalf. The images here show the resulting exchange. The part concealment of Stephen’s identity is because I am oddly reluctant to really screw the guy to a reputation for behavior from which he may repent. Those that know him will recognize him, as will those that may have considered buying these prints from him. Reading his responses to the praise he is given it is not difficult to believe at that he was allowing it to be understood that he was the author of the drawing. He has added some kind of signature and a date. He was offering to sell prints. I find it difficult to know what to say about Stephen. I cannot imagine he was thinking. Does he make a habit of this kind of thing? If this is his first effort then being caused some embarrassment may be all he needs to get him off the path of crime, turn him from the dark side. If this is a repeat offence then he needs exposure to prevent unsuspecting clients of his ‘prints’ being misled and buying counterfeit goods. 

Submitted by Lee Daniels on Mon, 2020-08-03 17:34


This is what Ste does, me an other friends laugh about the cheek of the guy, all he does is outline over an image, bit of photoshop, signs it an sells as many as he can to his 100s of clueless followers. I’m a portrait artist an I’m glad this has been noted, an his comments saying he didn’t know, bollocks he’s been listening to the Beatles for over 30 years and I don’t believe he’s never seen that image I certainly have 

Ste Lynn fraud 

Submitted by Arthur on Mon, 2020-08-03 18:45


Hullo Lee,

thanks for that.

I don't know what he is doing now. 

If still taking other artist's work the more publicity he gets the better.

I only ever referred to him as Stephen and allowed him some anonymity, but it's STEPHEN LYNN.
Stephen Lynn who trades as Dionysus Art and is based in Warrington.,

This post was originally dated  January 17th 2017,

What he did with my work  I see as not so much 'cheek' but as theft.- from both myself and his customers.

All the best,



Submitted by Col Ford on Thu, 2020-08-06 02:13


Hope you’re well Arthur, thought I’d send u a few links to give u an update on what Mr Lynn is up to nowadays, he’s still up to his copyright theft amongst other things, he now lives in Manchester making money out of his so called ‘sketches’ & has somehow managed to fool some celebrities who believe he’s actually drawn his images & scammed his way to earning a small fortune from his theft of copyright images. He certainly hasn’t stopped his fraud & by the looks of things he’s been conning money out of the vulnerable, it made The Mirror & they have a picture of him on there, it’s in with the links I’m putting up, he’s not a man who cares who he scams. Lee who put the post up before is a good friend of mine from way back & is a fantastic artist who deserves more coverage yet it all goes to that copyright thief who can’t even draw the curtains let alone a sketch.

These are the links, he’s certainly not learnt his lesson after copying your work & is blatantly taking the piss out of the people who buy his ‘prints’ at an extortionate cost for a photoshopped copy of someone else’s pictures.


and saving the best or worst till last


I’ve sent the links to the Manchester Evening News & I’m going to send them to the Mirror.

if u have any contacts in the press who u think will be able to help I can send the information to them as well.

Take Care Arthur 



Submitted by Arthur on Thu, 2020-08-06 14:50


Hullo Col,

I appreciate you contacting me but it has put me in a bit of a dilemma.

My policy is not to include links left in comments because who knows where they may lead. So you will see I have edited them out even though having looked at at them all. Apologies. Hope my summary of them helps a little.

Three of them were to publications that have done features on Lynn's work as a muralist and print maker. Previously questions have been raised about his method of making them.

One of them a feature on Lynn's involvement with a dodgy cold-call scheme.

Two were concerned with Lynn's company Dionysus being in liquidation.

Despite the implications of what we have learned I am not in a position to make final judgement on Lynn's goings on. 

Apart from this forum I have no way to share all this and no personal contact with the press. Sounds as though you are doing OK anyway.

I wish you luck.

All the best,





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