June 29th 1920 - May 7th 2013 Ray Harryhausen was the clay-model animator responsible for creating Dynamation, - the technique, not the word. This used Harryhausen designed models in stop-motion animation combined with live action footage. He did make films that were all animation but what this escapist, fantasist, adventure story loving boy loved best were the live actor and animated model movies with heroes engaging with magic, mythology, monsters and the macabre. Ray Harryhausen was a mind boggling, eye opening, innovative, inspirational artist. His influence demonstrated for instance in the fact of Wallace and Gromit's piano bearing the makers name 'Harryhausen'. His life and works all over the internet. You might try http://www.rayharryhausen.com/index.php

Submitted by Maria on Fri, 2014-10-17 13:24


It is hard to believe that these are made out of clay. Mythical creatures and incidents have been hot topic in arts and there are so many adaptations on those. I am very much impressed by the work depicted here.

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