Arnoldo Putzu. 6 August 1927 - 1 September 2012.
An Italian, Arnaldo Putzu arrived in England in the mid 60’s and stayed for twenty years creating iconic illustrations for film posters, most famously for ‘Get Carter‘,  Hammer horror movies and British comedies like the Carry On films. In the seventies he was also responsible for almost every cover portrait for the highly popular TV based comic Look-in. There is a Look-in editor Colin Shelbourn interview relating to Arnaldo at -

Submitted by Arthur on Thu, 2012-09-27 11:48


Hullo Bheki, it was a great poster but the 'Get Carter' film has no special meaning for me.
No recollection of what fims I had in mind with the 'shared experiences' line.
Been looking for Italian film posters that Arnaldo did - one of which I believe that got him in trouble with the Pope.

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